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A learning journey that develops your team effectively and sustainably.

Culture change is successful when employees feel safe, effective and understood in their teams. In a time of constant change and crisis, this can no longer be done exclusively by the manager. ACTIVATE THE TEAM brings the team together and relieves managers.

  1. 1.

    Effective team building,
    close to the workplace and sustainable.

  2. 2.

    Active participation
    of all team members
    in a team project.

  3. 3.

    Relieving the burden
    on managers in
    leading Gen Y/Z .


Team leadership in times of increasing complexity, crises and fears for the future.

The importance of psychological safety

Leadership today is a challenging task. The rapidly changing and complex world has created new needs for employees. Particularly in relation to their direct team, they need support and psychological safety in order to feel supported and secure. Google has identified psychological safety as the most important success factor in teamwork. It is necessary for employees to be able to take risks - without having to fear negative consequences or the possibility of sanctions.


Psychological safety for the Y/Z generation

Success factor: dialog about generational clashes

Psychological safety is a particularly important need for the younger generation. They feel higher psychological stress due to constantly increasing technological and global uncertainties and have a heightened sensitivity to this issue. For managers from other generations, it is often difficult to understand what Generation Y/Z really wants and needs. Young professionals are often assumed to want to have it all while contributing less. However, the young generation has a lot to offer - if you create the right opportunities for them. This includes giving them a lot of flexibility and putting their primary relationships first - whether with their teammates, a mentor, or themselves. To create a deeper understanding between the different generations, open team dialog is essential.


ACTIVATE THE TEAM: Your advantages as a company leader

Make the shift to the FUTURE happen

Ease an already huge load for managers

Psychological safetly, value congruence and quick, situational feedback: employees can be very demanding. Our program creates a set framework for an exchange outside daily business about values, strengths and visions. A joint action gives young employees the opportunity for rapid assumption of responsibility.

Intergenerational dialogue

The topic of "generational differences" has a central place in our program. We often experience that differences in values and goals between generations are not openly discussed in teams. This leads to prejudices and devaluing attitudes. Our program is about creating mutual empathy and using the strengths that everyone brings to the table.

Teambuilding - longer-term and close to the workplace

Surely you know the effect of a teambuilding offsite: The energy is great, but sustainable change is rare. Through our 12-week program, you develop your team over a longer period of time, close to the workplace and with constant reference to current team challenges.

Effective and yet inexpensive

The costs of a moderated team offsite add up quickly: moderation, accommodation, lost working time. In our program, we trust the teams to organize themselves to a high degree, support them selectively with coaching, and hold the sessions digitally or hybrid. Employees are also not torn from their daily work routine for full days, but develop with each other once a week.

In conjunction with a team event

You want to ensure the sustainability of a team event or workshop? Link the results of your workshop with our ACTIVATE THE TEAM learning journey and give your team 12 weeks to implement the desired (behavioral) changes. A coach can continue to support you selectively.

In conflict situations

In our ACTIVATE THE TEAM program, the team talks in depth about conflicts, personal values, strengths, needs and goals. This gives employees the opportunity to respond more individually to colleagues and to talk more openly about differences. Together, a team action is developed and implemented in the company. This process creates togetherness and resolves conflicts.

12 weeks that will take you years ahead - structure and methodology

An interactive learning journey for living change in your organization. In a digital process you activate your team for networking, growth and a constructive and strength-oriented attitude.

  1. 1.

    12 Weekly sessions:
    Mixed small groups work on content for 2 hours
    per week in a self-organized and guideline-based manner.

  2. 2.

    High-quality coaching:
    Groups are supported by coaches on a
    selective basis. Systemic tools ensure real impact.

  3. 3.

    Close to work:
    The program works pragmatically
    and close to work - digitally, hybrid or in presence.

Activate the Team

Content Structure

Chapter 1: Vision

We start the journey with yourself

"It was very exciting to deal intensively with my strengths, values, etc. and to share these with my team. It gave me some insights about myself, but also about my colleagues, some of whom have been with me for many years."


Chapter 2: Creation

From thinking space to action space

"Creating a real vision as a team and coming up with actions on how to achieve that vision has made us close-knit. I've become clear on what my role is on our team and where I can contribute the most!"


Chapter 3: Action

Dare to do and feel the impact

"I was new to the team when we started our ACTIVATE THE TEAM journey. Here, I was able to quickly take on a lot of responsibility - for a project where I clearly saw the added value. I networked with other teams and suddenly became more visible to many."


It's Time for Change.
Activate the shift.